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Wednesday nights at Swan's in Wickford is one of the most established Indie/Rock nights in Essex. Started in 1989, it's still going strong with main DJ/Promoter Jon running the show. You'll hear loads of old and new Indie as well as a smattering of Metal/Emo/Punk-type-stuff for good measure [for info TXT 07870-607908]
Misc 4235 Jon
on 2nd June 2004
Hollywood, Romford
'Toothbrush Tuesdays' feature a wealth of DJ's culled from The Pink Toothbrush, Rage, The Island, Sin, Asylum, and Coma. It's a huge club (holds 1600) with 2 floors, 4 bars, and 2 seperate rooms offering loads of old and new Indie/Alternative/Metal/Punk/Electro/Goth-type stuff.
Misc 4235 Jon
on 28th March 2004
electro-psychedelic-future-rocknroll... Not electro wank wank wank.
Misc 4228 Maverick
on 24th March 2004
The PinkToothbrush
The oldest alternative club in the UK ...and its in essex ....and its very near to where I live - which is 45 min from uni This year, I promise I will take my mini bus test, and we will have a trip to " 'da brush"
Misc 4413 dunnerz
on 20th October 2003

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