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Topic Review
hazey jane

posted on 18-4-2003 at 18:50

damn shame. never mind - half of them are only in there cos i've outgrown them...there was a particularly nice little bright pink dress that i don't remember ever wearing...wonder why!

i'll try to remember to bring that cd with me next time i'm out (which may not be in the near future judging by how my work is going, or not, as the case definitely is).

i am sam

posted on 18-4-2003 at 17:27

yeah... can i have it back please julie. i love ben lee today. although his songs on the evan dando album are the worst ones...

elaine doesn't want any of your clothes though. i think its too much effort for her.


posted on 18-4-2003 at 14:58

more summer crap

Refused-refused are f**king dead

Yeahb thats right- yankees suck (weird nyc hardcore)

Funeral for a friend- the art of american football

Crass- asylum (even tho i hate that band really god knows why i have that taped its way too extreme for me, plus their gits generally...*switches song off*)

The Partisans-white flag

7 seconds- we're gonna fight

Born Against - Resist Control

Billy bragg- anglo hypon saxon


[Edited on 18-4-2003 by xjohnx]

The Womb

posted on 18-4-2003 at 14:29

Colin, did you get that Flotation Toy Warning recommendation from me, or are you cool enough to have heard of them for yourself?

hazey jane

posted on 18-4-2003 at 14:06

no...i'm not sure...upon investigation it appears that the cd in question was actually 'nothing much happens'. do you want it back? also, does elaine want any of my stuff that's going to oxfam? there are lots of nice hats and strange clothes!

i am sam

posted on 17-4-2003 at 21:02

are you sure julie? i've been listening to the cigarettes single all day so i'm pretty sure i didn't give that to you...

Simon Dyson

posted on 17-4-2003 at 20:53

Today i have been listening to:

Echobelly - On
Ooberman - Running Girl
The (International) Noise Conspiraacy - New Morning, Changing Weather
The Beatles - Revolver


posted on 17-4-2003 at 19:41

the Beach Boys' 'Wild Honey' album, kind of a nice sunny vibe to it... :) kinda forgot how good it was... :)

[Edited on 17/4/2003 by Rockajeglo]

hazey jane

posted on 17-4-2003 at 19:18

no...you didn't give me that album sam...i taped it off your cd! but i did get the 'cigarettes...' single from you and you can have that back if i haven't already given it to oxfam.

good choices jazzy.
i've been listening to simon and garfunkel - baby driver is very beatles/beach boys-esque, and nice happy sunshine music for this perfect weather. unfortunately i've been trapped inside most of the day (except when i was walking to and from work today) so i'll just have to use my imagination.


posted on 17-4-2003 at 17:29

the ozma song umm i couldn't actually remember the title

its the one with the chorus that goes 'don't let me down,
i couldn't take much more than love'

maybe it wasn't on an album, its on a kung fu sampler i have somewhere


i am sam

posted on 17-4-2003 at 17:23

today i have been mostly listening to ben lee nonstop. for some reason i gave my album to julie about 2 years ago though. can i borrow that back sometime?

and john. what's that ozma song i see you mention. i got a promo of the new album... it's alright but not as as good as i'd hoped.

Matt Paradise

posted on 17-4-2003 at 17:04

Originally posted by jazzy
matt used that dancing thing ages ago - it's amusing and camp!

That was my signiture at one point!


posted on 17-4-2003 at 14:27

the weaker thans- aside
the x impossibles- fire
jimmy eat world-spangle
ozma-don't let me down
mxpx-teenage politics
gorilla biscuits-biscuit time



posted on 17-4-2003 at 14:09

matt used that dancing thing ages ago - it's amusing and camp!

Colin DIS

posted on 17-4-2003 at 14:08

1) Losing Carolina; For Drusky - Flotation Toy Warning
2) Heart Shaped Box (Live) - Nirvana
3) Set It Off - Peaches
4) Travelling Circus - The Coral
5) Blue Shadows - The Blutones


posted on 17-4-2003 at 13:09

1. the thrills - big sur (album track on this fab sampler parklife's been sent)
2. silver sun - silver sun
3. the beatles - revolver
4. the vines - highly evolved
5. radiohead - there there (also on the aforementioned sampler)
6. blur - think tank

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