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Topic Review

posted on 24-1-2003 at 13:55

simon - i really thought it was common knowledge about the uni offering topbar to the SU in the summer - really - im not blabbing - loads of people know about it!!!

Simon Dyson

posted on 24-1-2003 at 11:52

Yeah, but it doesn't mean you were meant to go blabbing it on a public forum. They wouldn't want the news out until it was confirmed.


posted on 24-1-2003 at 11:35

jazzy didnt tell me that (nor is it from the level2 meeting)

its been common knowledge at the su bar all summer

in fact, the univerisity offered topbar to the su over the summer (is the rumour all the bar staff have heard)

Simon Dyson

posted on 24-1-2003 at 11:32

Never tell James a secret then!


posted on 23-1-2003 at 18:58

....but there are the rumours about topbar tho jazzy!!!!

Simon Dyson

posted on 23-1-2003 at 17:47

Will anything ever be done with the hex? It seems a shame to have such a big lump of concrete in the way of students walking from north towers if it isn't even there for a reason.


posted on 23-1-2003 at 17:47

still not as many as me tho :D



posted on 23-1-2003 at 17:45

it means i've made 200 posts - woo!!!!!


posted on 23-1-2003 at 17:44

however, if i post 2 more messages...


posted on 23-1-2003 at 17:44

don't know why i posted that - sorry! jazzy wins the award for most pointless post of the year


posted on 23-1-2003 at 17:43

p.s. the union owns the following things..

the union corridor
su bar
su shop
1/2 campus shop
level 2
book shop
games zone

we don't own...

anything else - especially sx express which people think we do own! euugh - it mings!


posted on 23-1-2003 at 17:40

yeah, we wanted that off the uni but there's no disabled access. the cost to redevelop it with access came to almost 3 times more than it will cost us to do level 2 according to the university.


posted on 23-1-2003 at 17:26

cause the uni own that

its not su


posted on 23-1-2003 at 03:17

hmmmm i'm just wondering, that'd be an ok salsa venue or summat, well i dunno it's an idea anyway


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