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Topic Review

posted on 26-10-2007 at 20:56

Win copies of Peep show 4 on DVD


posted on 27-4-2007 at 11:18

Aye, it is brilliant. I've been systematically working my way thru all 3 series this past week. Fuck revision I say.

Matt Paradise

posted on 27-4-2007 at 09:50

Last week's was still pretty good, despite Johnson going sleazy American.


posted on 27-4-2007 at 09:22

Originally posted by jesus

4od is great for this. I love Peep Show, although last wekk's was terrible. The one before was class, I nearly soiled myself when he pulled the head off the pheasant.

or sky+ ;) (incidentally, I think sky+ could be one of the best inventions of the modern era!!!)

Pulling the head off the pheasant was brilliant - as was the abuse Jez sent at sofe's dad when he thought he couldn't hear him


posted on 27-4-2007 at 08:57

the first episode was genius. the second wasn't so good - not sure i like what they did with johnson. went a little ott for my liking. hopefully tonight's will be a return to form. and nancy is back as well - hurrah!


posted on 27-4-2007 at 08:30

4od is great for this. I love Peep Show, although last wekk's was terrible. The one before was class, I nearly soiled myself when he pulled the head off the pheasant.

Matt Paradise

posted on 27-4-2007 at 08:07

Putting it on Friday night when most of your target audience are out is probably not the best idea to get the ratings up.


posted on 27-4-2007 at 07:53

I should add - they have already commissioned the fifth series - although the tv ratings are not too great, apparently the DVD sales are pretty good.


posted on 27-4-2007 at 07:49

Surprised no one has started a thread on it yet.

I only watched the last series on DVD about 6month ago (hungover sunday morning around a mates house) - brilliant!

So, I was excitedly waiting for this series to start - and I wasn't disappointed. It has been Laugh out Load funny so far - Mark in the strip club and Jez's dialogue when sleeping with sofe, and sofe's mum!


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