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Topic Review
i am sam

posted on 9-7-2007 at 18:01

baby ate my eightball is actually an early favourite of mine. i reckon it might be their best album, but don't hold me to that.


posted on 2-7-2007 at 10:19

best sfa album since mwng. fact.


posted on 29-6-2007 at 11:20

Quite liking it so far. Runaway/Show Your Hand/The Gift That Keeps Giving are brilliant, I don't think it quite keeps up that quality all the way through but I've only listened to it one and a half times so hopefully the end'll grow on me a bit. The only songs I thought were really weak were My Baby Ate My Eightball and Battersea Odyssey (really, somebody needs to keep Bunf from writing songs if this and The Horn are anything to go by). Neo Consumer is the closet thing they've done to Fuzzy Logic since Creation died, it's basically Frisbee. Into The Night seemed pretty awesome, some nice guitars in there.


posted on 14-6-2007 at 13:21



posted on 14-6-2007 at 11:38

The Gift, live @ Clwb


posted on 29-5-2007 at 09:12

yeah, that sounds about right. really want to go but will have to make do with glastonbury...

i am sam

posted on 27-5-2007 at 14:52

did anyone see the tour dates they announced the other day? off teh to pof my head it was one at the ICA and 4 at clwb ifor bach, which would obviously be brilliant were i anywhere near wales.

Simon Dyson

posted on 25-5-2007 at 13:06

Originally posted by jazzy

incidentally, nme said it sounded like fuzzy logic...



posted on 25-5-2007 at 09:28

second guessing a leak by faking the original release date?


posted on 25-5-2007 at 08:56

incidentally, nme said it sounded like fuzzy logic...


posted on 25-5-2007 at 08:55

nah, they're signed to rough trade so i doubt they'd be able to do that.

the 'official' release date for the new album is 27th august but nme had the album featured in the 'on our stereo' section this week so promos must be knocking about.

think a launch of a new website is a more likely reason for the countdown...

Simon Dyson

posted on 24-5-2007 at 14:29

Maybe they'll be sticking it to the man and release their album as a free online download?


posted on 24-5-2007 at 14:07

Anyone care to venture a guess as to what the timer on the Super Furry Animals website is counting down towards? Zero hour is 9am on Monday June 11th. Normally I'd think it was just the unveiling of their new website, but since it's a Monday morning I'm going to be optimistic and say they might be releasing something on the quiet.

Also, if you visit their myspace then you can see a weird drawing in the background that may or may not be artwork for the album.

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