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Topic Review

posted on 24-11-2002 at 19:20

where the hell did you find out about this? im a chelmsfordian through and through and i've never heard of this event! maybe thats why the chelmsford scene is dieing a slow and painful death.
:flame: but yeah, last train is actually 00:35, but bassment is about 90 secs walk from the station anyway. however, to keep oneself occupied while waiting for the train, you'll all be happy to know that the area possibly has the most dense population of greasy take aways known to man, many a salmonella-riden kebab can be purchased from duke street!

as a pre-party, the globe is about a further 4 minutes on foot, an establishment that makes the prices of su bar seem like the ritz, and it serves proper vodka and not that ukranian crap at uni! as a rough guide, smirnoff ice/reef etc are (or at least were) £1.05 and doubles were about 1.80! pints about 1.30+.

alas, like the womb, i have 2 essays due in for thu, neither of which i have commenced to write. so it looks like on this particulr occasion i shall have to pass up on my hometown.

however, we should do a social there in the future? i know all the best places (aside from alternative venues, evidently!!!)



hazey jane

posted on 24-11-2002 at 18:51

we went to see spearmint at bitterscene last year or was it earlier this year? i can't remember....
that has to be one of the best gigs i've been to ever ever (-not just in terms of recent gigs).

it's well worth paying a few quid for the train and a few on the door cos the bassment's a great venue and the guy that runs the thing is very friendly and they always have sweets at the bar! (obviously spearmint polos for spearmint)

even the guinness tastes good there! which is more than can be said for level 2.

The Womb

posted on 24-11-2002 at 16:37

Sounds cool, it hadn't actually occured to me that nights out in Chelmsford were a feasible option due to the late trains... Maybe I'll go if I sell enough copies of C.I.A., shit, no I won't, there's a 2,500 word essay I haven't started due in for Thursday morning. Oh well, let me know when the next one is. I vaguely knew Dickon from Fosca when he was touring with Spearmint - he also has an online diary. He was one half of indie one-hit wonders Orlando, who you might be more familiar with.

i am sam

posted on 24-11-2002 at 16:27

if ever a night was made for an indiesoc social it was bitterscene in chelmsford. it's this wednesday and i'm probably going to go (although i might have to work). A band called fosca are playing... i've just checked out their website and they sound a lot like cinerama and a bit like pulp... the club itself is pretty cool (although usually quite quiet) and it goes onto 12 (last train back is 12.20) drinks are reasonable and the music is stuff you've never heard along with the smiths and belle and sebastian and stuff.check out www.bitterscene.co.uk for more details.

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