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The Eastern Lane - I Said Pig On Friday
Reviewed By
Thu, October 14th, 2004. 11:45 am

Long scraggy hair. Oxfam coats. Wacky lyrics about pigs. Actual pig snouts being sported in the video. Eastern Lane might as well have 'I'm a student' written all over their depressingly youthful faces. A student of the times, perhaps, as this song can only be described as thoroughly 'now'. 'Now' of course being the late 1970s, where almost all of our current, fledgling bands - who couldn't possibly remember it first hand - appear to be trapped. The derivative, of course, isn't necessarily bad. However, copying the copiers should be. Except that despite seeking exactly the same generational zeitgeist as the Kings Of Leon and innumerable others of their contemporaries, this is actually a half decent tune. Add a title and chorus referencing pigs on a Friday and it becomes even more listenable. Unless of course you're Jewish, where that's just about blasmphemy incarnate, which to be fair in the stagnating, staid musical climate isn't necessarily a bad thing... unless you're nervously fingering the latest Marilyn Manson cover of course...

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The Eastern Lane - I Said Pig On Friday Maverick 14-10-2004 -3 1865
15-10-2004 at 09:43
by cherry_blossom_pig

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