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The NME is shit
xjohnx - 6-12-2002 at 18:53

i hate the NME, it's been going downhill for a long time and it's obsession with the strokes is surely a sign that it's editorial team need to be put out of their misery.

i think the worst thing is that while magazines like Q have always been of average quality the NME used to be fairly good....or am i just imagining it

anyhow what do you think, do you agree or do you really think that 'this is it' is a good album (you must be insane if you think that surely)


jazzy - 6-12-2002 at 18:55

the nme are cool, they cover loads of new bands unlike q and kerrang who both have policies of only placing major label artists on their front cover.

the strokes kickstarted guitar music again. since is this it was released, 'decent' guitar music has come back with a bang and i think that they have to take some of the credit for that.

and yes, is this it IS a fantastic album!

xjohnx - 6-12-2002 at 19:07

the strokes are C.R.A.P ok no way is anyone going to convince me otherwise they didn't kickstart good 'guitar' music that's just ridiculous....

so what if NME is better than kerrang; the crap i found on my shoe yesterday is better than kerrang!.

I know that Q has always put big stars on the front that's why i said they've always been average

another thing NME haven' done a decent free compilation tape/cd in ages whose noticed this.( i like magazine comp cd's)
as for other mainstream mags wellll...Rocksound is decentish although they always put utter shite on the front cover and the bigger articles are always crap, their comp cd's are pretty good. mojo i'm not so sure about and x-ray (that's the new one by xfm radio) is ok although they're only on issue 2 others....

what do you think ???

jazzy - 6-12-2002 at 19:14

the cd last week (or the week before?) was great - the libertines, von bondies, datsuns, the coral, yeah yeah yeahs, the thrills - LOADS of good music!

the strokes are great but we can agree to disagree!