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Simon Dyson - 19-1-2003 at 22:12

I Finally got around to sorting out all the photos today! Go to the Reviews section and you will find playlists and photos from the Popscene IndieSoc late bar, the Silly Soc late bar and the Indie Britpop Night! All photos can be clicked on to view a larger version. Have a look, you should be able to find yourselves in there somewhere! Let me know what you think of them!

dunnerz - 19-1-2003 at 22:19

apart from the fact that i look like a twat in most of them......wicked

can we think up some 'funny' captions to add???

Simon Dyson - 19-1-2003 at 22:27

We could do! I put captions on most of them, but they're not funny. You have to hold the mouse over them for a second before they appear.

mojo - 19-1-2003 at 23:13

very good.....i am actually in quite a few pics, just catch glimpses of me! not very flattering(i was having trouser issues lol) but cool pics anyway


TC - 19-1-2003 at 23:37

im not in any of them! im a man of mystery!


mojo - 19-1-2003 at 23:54

TC you are in one! standing next to me!


xjohnx - 20-1-2003 at 03:00

my face is hidden... you shall not steal my soul with your infernal machinery

it's the work of satan i tell you cameras are the tool of lucifer himself.....beware lest you fall so easily into his celluloid snare

hahahaha i do look like an idiot, as always


Simon Dyson - 20-1-2003 at 10:01

I'm sure I got your face in a few of them John! Did you look at all 3 sets of new pictures?

TC - 20-1-2003 at 10:11

mojo i still can't see myself! which pic r u looking at?


Spark Tarpauline - 20-1-2003 at 11:45

good god, im in one of the photos and looking pretty camp, christ knows what song i was dancing to at the time.

mojo - 20-1-2003 at 12:53

pic 18 under the most recent indie night ones! right in the middle of the pic!!


Simon Dyson - 20-1-2003 at 13:24

Once you've found yourself you have to tell us which one you are!

TC - 20-1-2003 at 18:28

you can barely see me! the monkey on my t-shirt is clearer than i am! i thought you meant a proper good pic of me i'd somehow missed! im disappointed now!


Eleanor Conroy - 21-1-2003 at 12:45

eeeeeeeeeuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrggghhhh! bitchface is contaminating the indiesoc website - get it away from my screen! i'm going to wash my eyes now....

ps i'm not obsessed. honest.

Eleanor Conroy - 21-1-2003 at 12:48

apart from that they're lovely, but it's making me long for the wings again... they're the coolest item of clothing ever! think they suited jazzy better than me though

TC - 21-1-2003 at 13:01

whos bitchface?