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A Game of questions
xjohnx - 31-1-2003 at 01:33

some of you will have seen the movie this is from but anyway......
basic point of game is to ask questions in turn, any number of players

disqualifications-rhetoric, repetotion and non-sequitos questions that have no clear connection to the last one

so who wants to play?


The Womb - 31-1-2003 at 01:54

What are we supposed to do exactly?

Matt Paradise - 31-1-2003 at 11:08

you mean you don't know?

tombabylon - 31-1-2003 at 11:35

I've lost.

jazzy - 31-1-2003 at 11:55

courtney love is naked in q. this has nothing to do with this topic but seeing as i have no idea what is going on i just thought i'd let you know. i'm disturbed by that image

Simon Dyson - 31-1-2003 at 13:03

She was posing naked or they caught her naked somewhere?

mojo - 31-1-2003 at 13:08

what's this game all about


jazzy - 31-1-2003 at 13:46

she was posing naked - q has turned into razzle - there were 3 pages of her with 'baps out'

xjohnx - 31-1-2003 at 15:37

Isn't Q just crap aimed at 40 year old men?


Simon Dyson - 31-1-2003 at 16:07

I bought Q last month - I wanted something to read and it was between that and the NME.

Matt Paradise - 2-2-2003 at 16:11

is no one gonna play properly?

mojo - 2-2-2003 at 16:12

....i would.......but i don't understand the game


hazey jane - 2-2-2003 at 16:15

courtney love is naked? q's really good (at least compared to nme!). and i guess the aim of this is just to ask questions? or reply to questions with questions? hence if i just state something i could turn it into a question easily by use of a question mark?


jazzy - 2-2-2003 at 16:16

q is cockcheese. nme is good.

mojo - 2-2-2003 at 16:17

i guess you could but is that really the aim of the game?


**stargirl** - 2-2-2003 at 18:02

what is the game?
q, nme, careless talk, kerrang, wire or mojo?

xjohnx - 2-2-2003 at 18:23

has noone played questions before?
is the point of this game to take it in turns to ask questions?

why did you not mention rocksound?


mojo - 2-2-2003 at 19:03

who has played questions before? could it go on forever?


xjohnx - 2-2-2003 at 19:19

have you played this game before mojo?

why is everyone else so bad at it?


mojo - 2-2-2003 at 19:31

i think that maybe it's because they've never played before? but i've never played before, how come i can playit and they can't?


Matt Paradise - 2-2-2003 at 19:34

I don't think that first question was actually a question, was it?

mojo - 2-2-2003 at 19:36

who makes up the rules? who moderates the game? any volunteers?


xjohnx - 2-2-2003 at 19:52

what is this thing you call 'rules'?


Spark Tarpauline - 3-2-2003 at 14:32

aren't the 'rules' to this game quite straight forward?

mojo - 3-2-2003 at 18:46

i think that they are but i might be wrong? (did you notice the clever ref to radiohead there?)


xjohnx - 3-2-2003 at 22:14

Why aren't more people joining in? Why are you all being so mature?


Spark Tarpauline - 3-2-2003 at 22:22

do enough people know about it?

xjohnx - 3-2-2003 at 22:25

why wouldn't they know?


Spark Tarpauline - 3-2-2003 at 22:52

Did you think that maybe people on this forum could be blind?

xjohnx - 3-2-2003 at 23:05

Do you think too much time spent staring at computer screens can damage your eyes?


Spark Tarpauline - 3-2-2003 at 23:23

i dont know, here is a test,can you read this?

[Edited on 3-2-2003 by Spark Tarpauline]

TC - 3-2-2003 at 23:47

how did you make the font so big?


**stargirl** - 4-2-2003 at 01:22

*points and giggles* i'm playing a new game in the middle of your game. it's to make totally unrespondable statements. so there.

TC - 4-2-2003 at 01:33

the capital city of tajikistan is dushanbe


xjohnx - 4-2-2003 at 04:54

why am i still awake? why have i only written 600 words in the last 4 hours?


mojo - 4-2-2003 at 10:34

why were you up and workign at that time? surely you don't have that much work to do? you're a 1st year are you not?