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hello ben!
**stargirl** - 2-2-2003 at 16:14

*drumroll* ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and animals too... please welcome ben (aka detroyed cowboy). he's an uber-cool indieboy from the black hole of cool that is northampton. he's in desperate search for some fun and laughter and silliness...
love and shrimpses

mojo - 2-2-2003 at 16:15

hey ben welcome!!


jazzy - 2-2-2003 at 16:16

Simon Dyson - 2-2-2003 at 18:31

Where is he? Sure he's not your invisible friend?

**stargirl** - 2-2-2003 at 18:35

yep, *nods* that's right simon. i don't really have any friends - i make them all up...

Simon Dyson - 2-2-2003 at 18:37

Thought so