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POPSCENE (indiesoc late bar) REVIEW
dunnerz - 5-11-2002 at 10:03

Thanks for all comming

I had a great time

what did you think.....

ps sorry if we didnt get to play all your requests, we are still new at this, its actually really hard to fit everything in!!!

Matt Paradise - 5-11-2002 at 13:52

Well I think it went bloody well! There was a queue to get in that went up to stairs, it was packed for the whole night, then when we finished there was a huge queue to get out! I'm laying the gauntlet down and asking another society to beat us! woo yay!

jake - 5-11-2002 at 16:10

I thought it was a good night so well done to you boys and woman.

My only critism would be that the obscure stuff at the begginning went on too long, it needed to be interspersed with stuff that people knew but might not dance too, a bit of slow guitar music or something.

I had a good night and so did everyone else i have spoken too so far. i think other societies will be hard to beat it, especially in terms of numbers, and only maybe rocksoc may beat it in terms of weird scary dancing!!!!

I think you should all buy yourselves a drink (oh and maybe one for those you live with and your overhalves for putting up with you stressing about the night for the last couple of weeks!)

Matt Paradise - 5-11-2002 at 16:15

Agree about the beginning bit- I came on at 10:30 and there was a palpable atmosphere of boredom, hardly anyone knew what was being played. To combat this next time i guess the options are either:
a) Make it shorter, an hour at most, or
b) Do what Rachel suggests and intersperse the obscure stuff with well known stuff. One problem I can see with that is it might interupt any sense of 'flow' which might be going on. Oh well, we'll sort it out in time for the next one! And please, anyone with suggestions: don't be backwards in coming forward!

mojo - 5-11-2002 at 18:34

i really enjoyed myself last nite, twas wicked i seemed to know loads of ppl too, tho i do appologise if i randomly chatted to ppl because 'i thought i recognised them' the numbers there were very impressive.......i think another society will have a job to beat us, maybe they will in numbers but in terms of enjoyment.....never!


The Womb - 5-11-2002 at 20:09

I had a good night. The music was pretty good, although it did veer a little too wildly from undanceably obscure to overplayed predictability. I was hoping that the britpop elements would be the recent, decent stuff, rather than just bunging a Shine album on for an hour (only one song by The Coral/The Music?) as we've all had quite enough chance to dance to Common People and Song 2 throughout our uni lives (doesn't Matt still play them every week, anyway?).

And yeah, fuck with people's heads by all means, but get them dancing first. That means The Strokes THEN The International Noise Conspiracy, Blur THEN British Sea Power. As I had to learn the hard way, no-one's going to leap onto the dancefloor for a song they don't know, so you tempt them on with an obvious choice and then bring out the big guns and dare them to run away.

I'll accept the gauntlet and reiterate that the Dafonk night on 25th November will be the best night of music at uni, all year. We don't restrict ourselves to genre, so we'll be playing indie, but only the best, and likewise for every other style. That's when you can make the dancefloor really come alive, by following something like Primal Scream's "Miss Lucifer" with Otis Redding's "Down In The Valley" - you'd never imagine them being played together, but they both create the same sexy, soulful and stylish atmosphere on the floor.

We might also be incorporating a couple of live numbers into the Dafonk set, if we can get "C.I.A." (the forthcoming Womb single) finished in time. Either way, it'll be a night to remember.

The best indication that last night was a good one is probably the fact that it went so fucking quickly. So we must have been having a good time. I am now looking after my girlfriend who is recovering from a high-heels/drunkenness/stairs/concussion incident on the way home.

Here's to the next one...


Joe Wiz - 6-11-2002 at 15:11

A splendid time was had by all, as far as I know.
Highlights: The playing of Disco Down by Shed 7.
The playing of "Dreaming Of You" by The Coral.
The two pats on the back I got for my second example of lone indie dancing.
Not needing to drink to have a good night.
Lowlights:The continued lack of success with the ladies.
The ignorance of one bloke I met who, when "Outtatheway" by The Vines came on said to me "I love Nirvana. I've got all their stuff." Idiot.

dunnerz - 6-11-2002 at 15:13

yeah, we should have played well know stuff at the beginning, but really slow stuff (like embrace, 'phonics -just looking, the masterplan, the verve, etc.) got every1 interested with listening, for about 45mins, then played werid mixed with new/and stuff that wouldnt get played later, but stuff that every1 requests (bluetones, gomez, etc)...get people dancing to stuff they know, and then some werid stuff too.....then we could have played more britpop at the end, etc.

we are still comments help!

Simon Dyson - 6-11-2002 at 16:15

I got lost somewhere in the middle of what James was saying but generally all comments above I agree with. Certainly next time we need to take a slightly different approach.

To Al, sorry about the 'Shine' stuff but the truth of the matter is that people request that stuff loads so we really have to play it. It gets everyone singing and dancing loads! But agreed about the lack of Coral/Music etc. At he time its really hard to keep up with whats been played and what hasn't plus you have limited time so its hard to get everything in. The jump from obscure to pop was too great. We played the obscure stuff for too long, by the time we realised this we had to start playing britpop which meant we left out a lot of the current great stuff.

Hopefully we can take all the points made above and next time the night will be even better. The opinion I got from most people though is that they had a great time which is great! Several people even suggested it was the best night they've ever been to on campus so thanks to everyone who helped make it a great night, including everyone who turned up!

Diversity - 6-11-2002 at 20:52

I had a great night but I have to say that people do leave the dancefloor if they don't know a song. I was sitting down when you played The Music - which I quite like and either someone had farted or it wasn't too popular with a lot of people. Other than that though I had lots of fun.