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i am sam - 9-8-2013 at 09:05

Pop Single of the year (Get Lucky notwithstanding)? Or overrated flash in the pan?

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Matt Paradise - 9-8-2013 at 10:22

Not heard this one yet, only really heard the Falling EP.

I do like them, but they're nothing special musically.

if_only_ralph_were_real - 9-8-2013 at 11:20

Don't Save Me and Falling are great pop songs, but from what I was on the Glastonbury footage, they were pretty awful. I'll check out the album.

jazzy - 9-8-2013 at 12:34

all of their singles are superb - will be interesting to see whether the album lives up to it.

the lead singer was the guitarist in julian casablancas' band. true fact.

Matt Paradise - 9-8-2013 at 14:14

I did not know that. Might have to listen to his solo album again sometime, that first single from it was great!

jazzy - 9-8-2013 at 19:38

they're all amazing musicians, not just the guitarist. really cool that they've taken their time over the album, rather than rush it out for the festivals.

kittykat - 12-8-2013 at 21:12

*subthread* how long were people mispronouncing it for? i think i was for about six months

kittykat - 12-8-2013 at 21:14

and i'm a fan. i like their sass

jazzy - 21-8-2013 at 21:29

aside from being awesome (and having a name i can't pronounce), the bassist has the best bass face in rock.