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Author: Subject: Richie Edwards

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posted on 14-1-2005 at 17:50 Reply With Quote
part of me does think he had to disappear/commit suicide whatever because otherwise people would quesiton whether he was really screwed up or was it all some self-obsessed act..i'm not saying this is why he did it but i'm sure it was probably an added factor, we all know how much he wanted to appear '4real'

personally, i think richey is dead and he's probably happier..although i know you cannot compare something to being dead since being dead is nothing but still.

i also think many people have a strange morbid fascination with those who are deeply depressed, especially musicians..maybe they think it makes them deep or something.

I do think it is utterly ridiculous blaming suicides on musicians..those that do seem to have the cause and effect muddled up..maybe people listen to certain types of music because they are 'screwed up' rather than they become screwed up because they listen to it..it does seem an easy way to reassure youtself, that the suicide was a bands fault and not yours.

what i've just written flows about as well as the essay i'm writing. i.e. it doesn't, but you get the idea..

[Edited on 14-1-2005 by nome]

I used to think I had something to say but my dumb ideologies gave me away.

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Mood: discombobulated
posted on 14-1-2005 at 17:53 Reply With Quote
i bet he works in a burger king somewhere. with elvis.

"In descending order of vehemence, my objections to the Tory species stem from a) everything they do, b) everything they say, c) everything they stand for, d) how they look, e) their stupid names and f) the noises I imagine they make in bed."

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Mood: quim
posted on 14-1-2005 at 17:54 Reply With Quote
Originally posted by jazzy

i bet he works in a burger king somewhere. with elvis.

hell no...def a mcdonalds! i bet he's on his third star by now

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*Miss World*
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posted on 16-1-2005 at 14:23 Reply With Quote
Originally posted by philvinder

He was a teenager, young men often top themselves due to hormonal imbalances etc, nothing to do with music. Did you crash a wedding because of Busted????

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Rock Action

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posted on 17-1-2005 at 10:57 Reply With Quote
Originally posted by frainy

i just wanna do certain things, vanishing,heroin,crack,coke,3somes etc and it jus happens that those things are classed as rock n roll.
admittedly im gettin "ROCK N ROLL" inked on my are this year in nice olde albion esque font.is that so wrong?

please tell me you're joking...

i bet you like the libertines don't you.

sonic knitwear.

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Matt Paradise

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posted on 16-3-2009 at 19:57 Reply With Quote
Hey, if he wants to get a cool tattoo let him!

I often go to sleep with pyjama bottoms, socks and a t-shirt on. When I awake I am naked. This is a popular phenomenon, known in scientific circles as theft. My family members steal my clothes in the night and sell them down the market. I often walk to work and see kids wearing the clothes that only the night before I was sleeping in. It is a disturbing development.

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